Free INSOLVENCY case Management system for accountants

Why Insolnet?

  • Additional Fee Income from your client base
  • Develop insolvency skills and knowledge
  • Compete with local, outdated IP's

Insolnet allows General Practice Accountants to assist Findlay James with regard to solvent (MVL) and insolvent (CVL) Liquidations in relation to existing or new clients.

It has been designed to take advantage of the new Insolvency Rules where physical creditors meetings are the exception, not the rule, allowing companies to be liquidated online with no physical meeting necessary.

Insolnet ensures that all cases are administered correctly in accordance with legal requirements and professional standards.

Insolnet is straightforward to use and offers the flexibility of a cloud based system that works on any browser or device, full training and support is provided by Findlay James.

Insolvency fees are earned by both the Accountant and Findlay James, to be agreed and authorised on a case by case basis, in accordance with insolvency fee regulations.

By dealing with cases on a secure web platform, the Accountant and IP can work efficiently and effectively together to deliver an effective service to clients and creditors.

Findlay James allocate a dedicated, experienced Insolvency Case Manager to work with each Accountant on an ongoing basis.

All cases are bonded and insured by Findlay James in accordance with Insolvency regulations, at no cost or risk to the Accountant, who is acting as an Agent of Findlay James and thereby covered under the Findlay James insurances and bonds. All cases are bonded separately as a legal requirement.

No License Fees to Pay – Insolnet is Free

Insolnet has been designed and built and is supported by Findlay James’ in-house team of Insolvency and IT experts.

CPD accredited training is provided to Agents to use Insolnet to administer cases, and also in important insolvency technical issues.

The CVL and MVL procedures are standard processes, and straightforward to deal with using Insolnet, which provides 100% systemic rigour to ensure cases are 100% compliant with statutory rules and regulations.

Insolnet is unique in the market

Insolnet is an application that reconnects General Practice Accountants to the insolvency market, a connection they lost with the creation of the Insolvency Licence under the Insolvency Act 1986.

A case management system, designed to allow General Practice Accountants to assist with routine insolvency case management processes, using the flexibility, security and efficiency of a secure, web based platform.

Are you Interested?

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